Nature Woods

50 Acre Township Plots in Lucknow Ayodhya Highway

To be approved by Zila Panchayat!

Our Amenities

Green Parks
Rain Water Harvesting
Solar Power
Scenic Pond
Electric Poles
Food Court
Damar Road
Drainage System
Luxury Retails
Club House
Fitness Center
Visitor Parking
24X7 Security

Club House

Indulge in luxury and leisure at our exquisite banquet hall, perfect for hosting grand celebrations. Step onto our lush green lawn, a serene oasis for relaxation and outdoor events. Elevate your fitness routine at our state-of-the-art gymnasium, where health meets sophistication.

Unwind and showcase your skills at our dedicated snooker corner, offering a renewed ambiance for a game among friends. Engage in strategic battles at our chess corner, where intellectual pursuits and a stylish haven. For a faster-paced thrill, explore our table tennis corner, where every match is a burst of energy.

Discover camaraderie and friendly competition at our carom corner, designed for casual play and social gatherings. At our venue, each corner is curated to enrich your experience, ensuring a harmonious blend of recreation and sophistication

Plots in Lucknow
Ayodhya Highway -
Residential Plot Size

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Ayodhya City

Ayodhya’s significance burgeons with the construction of the Shri Ram Mandir, catalyzing growth on multiple fronts. The city emerges as a religious and tourism hub, drawing pilgrims globally and fostering economic opportunities. The influx of visitors stimulates infrastructure development, supporting businesses and prompting real estate growth. Ayodhya’s rich cultural heritage gains prominence, leading to efforts in preservation and promotion. The city’s newfound importance brings not only spiritual elevation but also economic prosperity, cultural enrichment, and enhanced living standards for residents, making Ayodhya a focal point for holistic growth.

Nature Woods Shri Ram Mandir - 96 min (97.4 km)


Barabanki, a burgeoning district in Uttar Pradesh, holds pivotal importance in terms of growth. Its strategic location near the state capital, Lucknow, positions it as a vital economic and industrial center. Barabanki’s rich agricultural landscape, coupled with thriving trade and commerce, propels its economic vitality. The district’s proactive approach towards infrastructure development, education, and healthcare further contributes to its growth trajectory. Barabanki’s role as a cultural and historical hub adds allure, attracting tourism. As the district continues to evolve as a dynamic socio-economic nucleus, it exemplifies the potential for comprehensive and sustainable growth in the region.

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